Student Life


Students will stay in on-campus dormitories at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. These consist of single rooms or double rooms with shared kitchens and baths. Students should land with bedding for a single bed.

Meal Planning

There is no meal plan at the University of the West Indies. Students are encouraged to prepare their own meals or patronize the many food options that surround the St. Augustine Campus. Students will receive a landing package that includes staple food items, a pot, a plate and a cup. This is meant to tide you over until you acclimatize to your surroundings. You should also initiate a discussion on meal allowances with the study abroad office at your home university before departure.


Campus Security Services provides round the clock security to the St. Augustine Campus. Students are advised to contact them if issues arise while on the campus. When off campus or engaged in personal outings students are advised to be alert and aware of their surroundings and to travel in groups. You should exercise the same level of awareness that one would apply if in a major metropolitan area. There is an in-depth safety briefing during orientation week which includes a campus tour showing the location of all essential services.

Medical and Mental Health

As registered full time students of The University of the West Indies students will have access to on campus health care and mental health services. Unless there is an emergency access to mental health services is by appointment only. There is a health center on campus that is equipped to handle minor health concerns (colds, headaches, etc) as well as an on campus pharmacy, both these services close at 4:30pm. Students enrolled in the CSSN programs will have access to private health and mental care and are advised to contact the Director of Student Services if there is an emergency medical issue or if they cannot secure an appointment with campus health. A list of emergency contacts will be provided during program orientation.


This is a high contact program and will afford students consistent, multifaceted on the ground support. This includes a buddy system where students will be paired with students from The University of the West Indies and regular debrief sessions that are meant to fill the gaps between academics and lived experience and answer any uncomfortable sessions that students may have regarding local culture. These sessions address culture shock at the root and have been proven to help students with understanding and adjusting to the study abroad experience. The Caribbean Student Support Network will also provide round the clock emergency support to students while on the ground.


There are many clubs and organizations on the University of the West Indies campus that cater to a wide range of personal and social interests. Students will be provided with a list of campus organizations in their student package and can subscribe based on their interests. On campus gym membership is available and enrollment in various sporting disciplines are also available.


In addition to academic excursions the program includes several day trips throughout the semester that allow students to experience the culture and biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago, including a day long experience in Tobago. Below are some possible excursions. 

  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary
  • Maracas Bay
  • Yerette – Home of the Hummingbird