About CSSN

What Are We

The Caribbean Student Support Network is a full service study abroad provider based and registered in Trinidad and Tobago. CSSN was created to enhance the international education landscape in the global south by facilitating long and short term study abroad in the Caribbean region. Guided by the watchwords Ethical Education Everywhere, CSSN is committed to building study abroad programs that operate in harmony with the local environment and culture.

Who Are We

CSSN is helmed by two tertiary education professionals who have dedicated their careers to student programming.

Roannta Dalrymple is an international education specialist with ten years experience in international education management. She has served as Mobility Coordinator at The University of West Indies and On-Site Director at the Trinity in Trinidad Global Learning Site. Roannta has an undergraduate degree in Caribbean Sociology as well as an MSc. in Mediation Studies and is currently Director of Student Services at the Caribbean Student Support Network.

Dr. Soleil Senghor is an economist with over fifteen years of experience in both applied finance and education. She has worked in Trinidad and Tobago’s banking sector and currently lectures several Economic and Math based courses at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Dr. Senghor also served as Financial Manager at the Trinity in Trinidad Global Learning Site and is our Director of Finance at the Caribbean Student Support Network.

What Do We Do

In addition to hosting a semester-long study abroad program based in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Student Support Network provides support for academic visits, collaborative research and short term study tours across the Caribbean. We aid in the planning and execution of these experiences by forging local connections that align with the academic mandate of the study tour and serving as both logistical and on the ground support for the duration of the experience.

The Caribbean Student Support network is guided by an advisory  board comprising of study abroad professionals and academics from Wellesley, Bowdoin, Amherst and Williams Colleges.